Monday, April 21, 2014

Sarina - Mira Mira

Sarina Nash photographed by Anna Alexia


Ph: Hilary Brubaker
Name: Aly Henry

Age: 15

Height: 5'9"

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Birthsign: Gemini

Hometown: Walnut Creek, California

What is your hometown like?: Walnut Creek is like straight out of a movie, we have the best downtown and such nice people.

What do people not know about you?: Most people don’t know I talk in my sleep. Sometimes you can understand me, but most of it is gibberish.

What's your favorite TV show?: Dance moms, I watch that show religiously!

If we borrowed your iPod, what music would we find?:  Lorde and Bastille.

Favorite school subject?:  I've always loved writing, so definitely English.

Describe your style:  Cute and girly, but I like to add some edgy pieces every once and a while.

What are your beauty tips?:  I like to use a lemon and sugar scrub to brighten my skin. When it comes to makeup, I'm a huge believer in less is more. All you need is concealer, lip gloss, and a little highlighter.

What are your guilty pleasures?: Coffee ice cream and sleeping in on weekends

Which celebrity past or present would you like to meet?: Tyra Banks

Five of your favorite things:  Traveling, cheerleading, acting, Starbucks and my kitty

How did you get into modeling?:  I was supposed to get my wisdom teeth out, but my appointment was canceled so that Tuesday my mom and I walked into a Stars open call.

What has been your favorite modeling experience so far?:  I’ve enjoyed all of my experiences, but my favorite was working with NYC photographer- Oli McAvoy

Ph: Oli McAvoy

How do your friends and family respond to your modeling?: My family is so supportive of me, I'm so lucky to have parents who are willing to drop anything to get me where I need to be. My friends playfully tease me sometimes, especially my cheer team.

What would you be doing if you were not modeling?: Competitive cheerleading

Where would you like to travel and why?: I would love to go back to Europe. My family and I went to France, Spain and Italy.  The food is amazing and I enjoy experiencing new cultures.

Ph: Hilary Brubaker
Favorite Designer?: Michael Kors

At this moment you are obsessed with:
I'm completely obsessed with Instagram! I’ll pick up my phone to check it real quick and end up on it for hours. It's my go-to place for procrastinating on math homework

Bonus Pop Quiz

Sweet or Savory? Savory

Twilight or Divergent? Hunger Games - duh
Skateboarding or Draw a picture? I'm an artist at heart, have to draw a picture

Bathing Suit or Bikini? Bikini

Pop or Hip Hop? Pop

Balenciaga or Valentino? Valentino

Wednesday, April 16, 2014