Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Name: Sabrina Smith
Ph: Audre Van Broers

Height: 5'11

Hair Color: Light blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Birthsign: Taurus

Hometown: Moraga, California.

What is your hometown like?: Moraga is a really special community. It is very beautiful with rolling hills. It's a peaceful, friendly place to live.

What do people not know about you?: I like to play practical jokes on my friends and family any chance I get!

What's your favorite TV show?: "90210" and "One Tree Hill" are my favorite TV shows.

If we borrowed your iPod, what music would we find?: Hip Hop, Pop, Rap.... a little bit of everything!

Describe your style: Bohemian or sporty - depending on my mood.

 Ph: Oli McAvoy

What beauty tips do you swear by?: Drink plenty of water and smile.... a smile looks good on everyone :)

What are your guilty pleasures?: Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

Which celebrity past or present would you like to meet?: I would absolutely love to meet Steph Curry - I am a HUGE Warriors Basketball fan!!!!

Five of your favorite things: Friends, volleyball, traveling, animals and modeling.

What made you become a model?: I have always loved fashion and photography. I used to imagine what it would be like to be in a magazine or walk a runway.

How did you get into modeling?: Two days after I got my braces off, I was scouted at Whole Foods. It was so exciting !

On the runway for Neiman Marcus
What has been your favorite modeling experience so far?: I absolutely loved walking the runway for the Neiman Marcus San Francisco Ballet Fashion Show!

How do your friends and family respond to your modeling?: Only my 3 best friends know that I model, and they think it's cool. My family is very supportive, but sometimes my brothers just shake their heads when they see my photos - I'm still just a little sister to them!

What would you be doing if you were not modeling?: Definitely playing competitive volleyball.

Where would you like to travel and why?: I have always been intrigued with Australia, but I am dying to go to Europe...I am fascinated by the history and culture.

Ph: Audre Van Broers
Favorite Designer?: Versace

At this moment you are obsessed with: Scented candles and all of the clothes at Free People!!!

Bonus Pop Quiz

Sweet or Savory? Definitely sweet!
Instagram or Facebook? Instagram
Skateboarding or Draw a picture? Skateboarding, but I also love to draw
Bathing Suit or Bikini? Bikini

Heavy Metal or Electronic? Heavy Metal
Alexander McQueen or Oscar De La Renta? Alexander McQueen